Van der Valk World Eaters

Especially for the youngest guests we have created a surprisingly versatile menu: Van der Valk World Eaters. Children are challenged with these adventurous dishes to eat something different than the traditional children's menu. There are fun activities organized for the youngest visitors, during the weekends they can enjoy our special equipped children's corner.  

View the World Eaters menu

Eat as a child from a distant land
Together with Timo Toucan the kids can travel to countries like Hawaii, Sweden, Italy, South-Africa, China and The Netherlands. With every dish Timo tells something fun. This exciting trip changes every six months so that it stays surprising. Curious? Take a look, or reserve a table!

Meal for a meal
Do you choose the children's menu? Then we will make sure that children who are less fortunate can also eat well. Van der Valk supports the feeding program Sizanani of Kids Rights in South Africa. They provide warm school meals, which is the only meal of the day for some children.