Enjoying museums, estates and monuments

Visit the Hortus botanicus in Leiden; the oldest botanical garden in the Netherlands! Or the beautiful Historical Garden in the North Holland horticultural town of Aalsmeer, they are absolute must-sees for a bright day out!

At Space Expo in Noordwijk, you go on a space mission! This is the place to experience space travel, from touching a meteorite to launching a rocket. The Omniversum in The Hague is also a must-see; in this big-screen movie theatre, everything revolves around planet Earth.



Take a journey through the human body at CORPUS, learn about the treasury of science and medicine at the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave or visit the research institute and natural history museum Naturalis!



Experience the finest art exhibitions in our region's wonderful art museums. From the municipal art museum De Lakenhal, dedicated to the city's history to Museum Noordwijk and LAM, where you can admire changing art objects and collections.



Visit the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, the national archaeology museum, or the Dutch Museum of Ethnology, the world's oldest ethnological museum, located a little further away. Noordwijk is home to the impressive Atlantic Wall bunkers. Tip; book a guided tour!

Polders & lakes

Kagerplassen area

In the meadows, cows and sheep graze, birds chatter merrily and the farmer cuts the grass. In the rural setting of the polder, surrounded by a large lake area, you will experience an oasis of calm.



In general, it may be assumed that you can visit mills when a mill's sails are turning or its flag is flying, but we recommend choosing one of the specific visiting days or going to the Molenmuseum De Valk in Leiden.

Castles, beautiful country houses and centuries-old estates with coach houses, orangeries and beautiful parks: they are wonderful places full of stories that give character to the landscape of the Dune and Flowerbulb Region.