Organizing a condolence: when you die, so many things come to you that it is nice if the organization of a condolence is taken care of. Hotel Sassenheim - Leiden is an attractive location where you can go for various condolence packages. Our Banquet-Sales staff will ensure that this opportunity is arranged for you in detail.

You can gather in peace with family, friends and other loved ones to give them the opportunity to offer their condolences to each other and to commemorate the deceased. We are happy to reserve one of our private rooms from 30 people. If there are fewer guests, we can reserve a part of our restaurant for your group.

Of course we always deliver tailor-made solutions for your condolences. It is precisely that personal touch that is so important during the day of a funeral. Did the deceased perhaps like herring very much? Or did he always toast with a lawyer? How nice is it to have this reflected during the condolence meeting? Together with you, we ensure that the condolence becomes a pleasant memory.

Our Banquet Sales team is happy to think along with you about how you can design this afternoon. They would like to invite you for a personal conversation, where a funeral director is of course also very welcome. You can reach them via telephone number +31(0)252 46 22 55 or email them via the button below.

More information about a condolence

Condolence package I - 1,5 hrs - € 17.50 p.p.
  • Unlimited coffee, tea and water
  • 3 luxury mini buns (soft or hard) with various cheeses, roastbeef and ham, smoked salmon, brie, carpaccio, salads and paté
Condolence package II - 1,5 hrs - € 22.50 p.p.
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, jus d'Orange and water
  • Cup of soup
  • Soft bun with a croquettes
  • 2 luxury mini buns (hard/soft) with various cheeses, roast beef and ham, smoked salmon, brie, carpaccio, salads and pâté

Conditions of our condolence packages:

  • Other drinks based on the calculation.
  • For a minimum turnover of € 2,000, no room rent will be charged.