Car chargers

Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim - Leiden values the environment and therefore has various charging stations for electric cars. Read more about the sustainability labels with which we are certified.

Tesla Superchargers

In our car park, there are Tesla Supercharger stations that allow you to charge your electric car in no time. To use these universal Superchargers, all you need is Tesla's app. After entering your (credit card) details, you can charge your car.

Please note: the parking spaces for the Tesla Superchargers are for charging only. You risk a fine from Tesla if you park here without charging your car.

Tesla pilot location

Our hotel is one of the 10 test locations in the Netherlands that have been selected for the Tesla Motors pilot to make their Supercharger network accessible to more electric drivers! From now on, you can use our Tesla Superchargers even if you drive a different type of EV than a Tesla (with CCS connection) via the Tesla App.