Car chargers

Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim - Leiden values ​​the environment and therefore has various charging stations for electric cars. Read more about the sustainability labels with which we are certified.

New! Tesla Superchargers

There are 12 Tesla Supercharge charging points in our parking lot with where you can charge your Tesla in no time. For the use of these Superchargers you need a subscription from Tesla. Click here for more information on the Tesla website. Your display will indicate whether you can use the superchargers.

Please note: the parking spaces for the Tesla Superchargers are for charging only. You risk a fine from Tesla if you park here without charging your Tesla.

Tesla charging points

In addition to the 12 superchargers, we also have 3 Tesla charging points, suitable for every Tesla. These are manual chargers that have to be activated from the reception. You can pass on the number of the charging station to the reception. They will then activate it for you and your car will be charged.

Tesla pilot location

Our hotel is one of the 10 test locations in the Netherlands that have been selected for the Tesla Motors pilot to make their Supercharger network accessible to more electric drivers! From now on, you can use our Tesla Superchargers even if you drive a different type of EV than a Tesla (with CCS connection) via the Tesla App.

Allego universal charging points

If you enter our site and keep immediately right, you will see the green charging points of our two universal Allego charging points next to the covered bicycle shed. With your (charging) card you can follow the instructions on the display and charge your car.

We request that you move your electric car, as soon as it is fully charged, from the charging point to a regular parking space, so that the charging station remains available for other guests.