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Overwhelming taste sensation

In the Netherlands we often eat beef too fresh. For the real beef taste the beef needs to ripen for a few weeks. For centuries this ripening used to happen at the farm in the barn. Nowadays this can be done in a special ‘dry aging cabinet’. In our ‘dry aging cabinet’ we can ripen meat at exactly
the right temperature, air circulation and air humidity. This ensures delicious tender meat, with a full flavor and intense taste!

MRIJ beef
The MRIJ cattle live almost all year round outside in nature, and graze on the floodplains of the rivers Meuse, Rhine and IJssel. The living conditions of these cattle are as natural as possible, which definitely benefits the taste!

The Angus cattle is known for their easy-going character and their ability to grow up on poor grounds. The Angus cattle prefers to graze in fields with a wide variety of herb and grass species. The main reason for the worldwide success of Angus beef is the exceptional quality of the meat. This is related to the “marbling” of the meat: thin lines of fat that run through the meat. Fat has the property that it retains taste, which makes it so delicious.


STRIPLOIN - Beef sirloin strak from our dry aging cabinet
250 Grams - € 27,50

T-BONE - Beef T-bone steak from our dry aging cabinet
450 grams € 31,50

BEEFBURGER – Black Angus hamburger
200 grams € 19,50

DENVER STEAK – Black Angus Denver steak
250 grams € 22,75

VEAL CUTLET – Medium prepared veal
300 grams € 28,50

USA CANDIED PEAL – Black Angus candied peal steak
225 grams € 23,75

These dishes are served with in garlic marinated tomatoes with rosemary and seasalt, roasted Rozeval potatoes and homemade herb butter