Room overview

Multifunctional meeting rooms

Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim – Leiden has no fewer than 16 multifunctional rooms in the conference center on the first floor. Each meeting room has natural light and is equipped with the latest technologies. Sound, light, image and temperature are easy to operate via a touchscreen and thanks to the innovative service caller you can request support directly from our employees. In addition, each meeting room is warmly and attractively furnished, with an eye for detail and a lot of comfort.

Our meeting room in Sassenheim offers possibilities for different types of meetings and events, such as meetings, product launches and presentations. Be inspired by our Banquet Sales staff, who will be happy to tell you more about the conference center or to show you the possibilities per meeting room during a personal (digital) tour.

Meeting room with car lift

It is possible to place heavy materials in one meeting room, Region 2, by means of a goods lift (scissor lift). This meeting room is especially suitable for meetings and product launches where large objects are displayed. Feel free to ask about the possibilities at our Banquet Sales department or request a personal (digital) tour of the meeting rooms.

Room overview

Below you will find an overview of all our luxury meeting rooms and the corresponding capacities. Do you have a special room setup in mind? We like to think along with you! Contact us quickly for a personal (digital) tour.

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Regio 2

Region Room 2: versatile space for large-scale gatherings 

Step into Region Room 2 at Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim - Leiden, where versatility and space come together for your most expansive events. Whether it's a conference, a gala dinner, a product launch, or a large-scale reception, this room offers the perfect setting for any occasion.

Room features

Region Room 2 provides a modern and spacious environment, bathed in natural daylight and equipped with the same high-quality audiovisual technologies as our other rooms. The soundproof walls and acoustic ceiling create a serene and focused atmosphere, while wheelchair accessibility ensures everyone feels welcome. With an area of 175 m², this room is suitable for various setups, including theater, school, reception, and dinner arrangements.

Capacity and flexibility in room setup

Region Room 2 accommodates up to 48 people in a U-shaped setup, 36 people in a boardroom setup, 250 people in a theater setup, 112 people in a school setup, 114 people in a cabaret setup, and 60 people in a square setup. For gala dinners, the room accommodates up to 198 people, and for receptions up to 350 people. For larger groups, the room can be combined with other regional rooms, up to a maximum area of 612 m².

Special car lift / scissor lift for car presentations or product launches

What truly sets Region Room 2 apart is the presence of a car lift / scissor lift, making it perfect for product launches where large equipment needs to enter the room, such as car or machinery launches. With this scissor lift, adjacent to Region Room 2, such large gatherings and presentations become significantly easier!

Service and support

Our dedicated sales team is located on the same floor as the conference center, ensuring that there is always a point of contact nearby during your event. Additionally, our rooms are equipped with a Service Caller, allowing you to easily request assistance from our staff from the room.

At Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim - Leiden, we strive to make your events a success, with high-quality amenities, flexible setups, and professional support. We look forward to welcoming you to Region Room 2 for your next gathering.

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Number of persons per room setup

  • U-shape

    48 pers.

  • Boardroom

    36 pers.

  • Theater

    250 pers.

  • School

    112 pers.

  • Reception

    350 pers.

  • Gala

    198 pers.

  • Exam

    60 pers.

  • Cabaret

    114 pers.

  • Carré

    60 pers.

Location facilities

  • Charging point electric bikes
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Electric car charging station
  • Lift
  • Power supply
  • Terrace
  • Bike shed
  • Wi-Fi
  • E-bike rental
  • Heating
  • Separable with baffles
  • Beamer incl Projector Screen
  • Flipchart with paper and markers
  • Writing materials
  • Bike rental
  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Green Key (Gold)
  • Restaurant (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • 157 Hotel Rooms
  • Hotelbar (sushi)
  • Train station 1 km
  • Near the highway
  • Number of conference rooms 16
  • Fitness
  • Sauna
  • Casino
  • Near airport 20 km
  • Bus station 0,5 km
  • Room service
  • 2 restaurants
  • 24-hours reception

Room facilities

  • Dimensions: 17x14x5 m / 55.8 x 45.9 x 16.4 ft
  • Surface: 250 m² / 2691 ft²
  • Climate control
  • Sunscreens
  • Room with a large entrance doors
  • All meeting rooms on the same floor
  • LED lighting with adjustable color schemes
  • Sound system
  • Dimensions: at least 360 cm high
  • Projector screen
  • Can be combined
  • Acoustic ceiling
  • Beamer with projector screen
  • Daylight
  • Soundproof walls
  • Good lightning
  • Free WiFi
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Writing material
  • Blinds

Optional facilities

  • Video conference (On request apiece)
  • Bike rental (€ 12,50 apiece)
  • E-bike rental (€ 27,50 apiece)
  • Laser pointer (€ 15,00 apiece)
  • Dance floor (€ 21,50 apiece)
  • Sound system with microphone (€ 250,00 apiece)
  • Headset (€ 125,00 apiece)
  • Wireless handheld microphone (€ 125,00 apiece)
  • All-inclusive prices for conferences (On request apiece)
  • Suites (On request apiece)
  • Family rooms / Connecting rooms (On request apiece)
  • Laundry and dry cleaning service (On request apiece)
  • Other technical equipment (On request apiece)
  • Lunch package (On request apiece)
  • Room service (On request apiece)
  • Hotel Rooms (On request apiece)
  • Name badges (On request apiece)
  • Breakfast starts per persoon in the morning (€ 21,50 apiece)
  • Microphone: (On request apiece)
  • Conference Call equipment (On request apiece)
  • Green Key (Gold) (On request apiece)
  • 24-hours reception (On request apiece)
  • Charging point electric bikes (On request apiece)
  • Free parking (On request apiece)
  • Bike shed (On request apiece)
  • Coat rack (On request apiece)
  • Fitness (On request apiece)
  • Number of conference rooms 16 (On request apiece)
  • Electric car charging station (On request apiece)
  • Certified Business (On request apiece)
  • Certified Green (On request apiece)
  • Coffee & Cake (On request apiece)
  • Hotelbar (sushi) (On request apiece)
  • restaurants (On request apiece)
  • Flipchart with paper and markers (€ 22,50 apiece)
  • Lectern (€ 35,00 apiece)
  • Stage per part (€ 21,50 apiece)
  • Laptop (€ 125,00 apiece)