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Regio 2

With an area of 250 m2, the Region 2 room is the largest plenary room of our conference center, but the room can also be linked to the other regional rooms with which an area of up to 612 m2 can be realized. Region 2 has daylight and modern audiovisual technology. The Region 2 offers up to 350 people for a reception or wedding, and for up to 220 people for theater meetings or presentations. Just as with the other regional rooms, the Region 2 room is also multifunctional; any setup is possible.

Extra special about the Regio 2 room is the car lift, which makes the room perfect for product launches where large material has to be brought into the room, such as the launch of cars or large vehicles. With the scissor lift that borders the Regio 2 meeting room, the organization of such large meetings and presentations becomes a lot easier!

The Regio 2 room is equipped with soundproof walls and an acoustic ceiling. The room is also wheelchair accessible. The lighting in the Regio 2 can be arranged as desired via a touchscreen panel in the room. Moreover, with the Service Caller in the meeting room you can always call on the assistance of our employees.

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Number of persons per room setup

  • U-shape

    48 pers.

  • Boardroom

    60 pers.

  • Theater

    260 pers.

  • School

    84 pers.

  • Reception

    350 pers.

  • Gala

    200 pers.

  • Cabaret

    114 pers.

  • Carré

Location facilities

  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Green Key (Gold)
  • Restaurant (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • 157 Hotel Rooms
  • Hotelbar (sushi)
  • Train station 1 km
  • Near the highway
  • Number of conference rooms 16
  • Fitness
  • Sauna
  • Suites
  • Casino
  • Near airport 20 km
  • Bus station 0,5 km
  • Room service
  • 2 restaurants
  • 24-hours reception

Room facilities

  • Dimensions: 17x14x5 m / 55.8 x 45.9 x 16.4 ft
  • Surface: 250 m² / 2691 ft²
  • Acoustic ceiling
  • Beamer with projector screen
  • Daylight
  • Soundproof walls
  • Good lightning
  • Free WiFi
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Writing material
  • Blinds

Optional facilities

  • Video conference (On request apiece)
  • Microphone: (€ 75.00 apiece)
  • Flipchart with paper and markers (€ 20.00 per pulse)
  • Lectern (€ 35 per pulse)
  • Stage per part (€ 19.50 per pulse)
  • Laptop (€ 95.00 per pulse)