Colorful and welcoming!

De Tulperij is a flower bulb company located in the heart of the Bulb Region, just 10 minutes away from the hotel. Come by during your stay at our hotel and enjoy the beautiful view from the terrace overlooking the flower fields. In case of rain, it's also lovely to relax inside the flower greenhouse with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Fresh stroopwafels are baked all day long, and freshly baked apple pie is ready for you. A visit to De Tulperij is unforgettable!

Fall activities: Dahlias

Starting mid August, you can enjoy the beautiful Dahlia Show Garden at De Tulperij from Tuesday to Sunday. Here you can admire over 600 varieties of dahlias, originating from dahlia growers in the Bulb Region and surrounding areas. The Dahlia Garden is free to visit, and for a small fee, you can also pick dahlias in the picking garden.

Spring activities: Tulips

De Tulperij is open for spring flowers from mid March to mid May, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. They also offer guided tours three times a day at 09:45 (in English), 12:15 (in Dutch), & 16:00 (in English). Registration for the tour can be done via the website. For children, there is a flower scavenger hunt with questions including lemonade and a nice surprise. 

Biking and hiking routes

De Tulperij is located between cycling junction 55 and 58 and hiking routes 21 and 56. Make it a unique, special coffee stop during a cycling or hiking tour through the Bulb Region. You can also buy souvenirs at De Tulperij or order flower bulbs for your garden.

Accessibility and parking at De Tulperij

De Tulperij is easily accessible, and there is free parking available. More information about the program and reservations can be found on the De Tulperij website.

Address: Oude Herenweg 16B | 2215 RZ Voorhout