The windmills of Kaag and Braassem

Discover the Windmills of Kaag and Braassem

Would you like to experience a unique piece of Dutch history and culture? Then visit the iconic windmills of Kaag and Braassem. These beautiful windmills are not only historical monuments but also symbols of Dutch heritage and craftsmanship.

The windmills of Kaag and Braassem take you on a journey through time, back to an era when wind energy was used for various economic activities. This region is home to different types of windmills, each with its own unique history and function. From polder mills that drained the land to industrial mills that ground grain and sawed wood, the windmills offer a fascinating insight into the past.

Opening Hours

The windmills of Kaag and Braassem are easily accessible from Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim - Leiden. Most windmills are open to visitors throughout the year, but it is advisable to check the opening hours and any admission fees in advance.

  • Address: Scattered throughout the Kaag and Braassem region
  • Opening hours: Vary by windmill, see the Rijnlandse Molenstichting website for details.