Discover Warmond aan de Kaag; The Village of History, Culture, Polders, and Water Sports

In the picturesque Warmond, surrounded by vast polders and the enchanting Kagerplassen, history comes to life. Step into the enchanting world of this authentic village, where every street tells a story and every corner offers a discovery.

Historical Splendor and Rustic Charm

As you wander through the small historic village center of Warmond, you are surrounded by centuries-old buildings and rustic squares. Discover the beautiful estates, monumental farms, historic churches, and the old town hall that give the village its unique character. Did you know that Warmond was once home to no fewer than six castles? Although only the Huys te Warmont has stood the test of time, the ruin by the Oude Toren still bears witness to a rich past.

An Active Water Sports Village

Warmond, located on the shores of the Kagerplassen, exudes an atmosphere of water sports and activity. Explore the various marinas along the waterfront and rent a boat to view the village and its surroundings from the water. The village also has the honor of having been the residence of the famous 17th-century painter Jan Steen, whose legacy can still be admired in the local Jan Steenhuis.

Must-See Attractions in Warmond

Art and Culture

Warmond is not only vibrant with water activities but also rich in cultural highlights. Once home to Jan Steen, today it offers a stage for many artists in the galleries around the Pleintje bij de Pomp. Don’t miss the Art Week, held annually in November, featuring exhibitions, workshops, and lectures that transform the village into a bustling art scene.

Markets in Warmond

Every Saturday, the weekly market is held in Warmond from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Here, you can find your daily and weekly groceries. The Saturday market is located on Meerrustlaan/Dorpsstraat.

In addition to the weekly Saturday market, Warmond also regularly hosts themed markets such as the green market, book market, textile market, and curio market. Around Christmas, there are also festive Christmas markets in the village.

Check our event calendar for a current overview of all markets and events in Warmond.


Warmond is easily accessible by car, bike, or public transport. Parking is limited in the center, but nearby attractions often offer free parking. Alternatively, rent a bike at the reception (hotel guests only) and explore Warmond with one of the beautiful cycling routes.


In the center of Warmond, you can park for free with a parking disc for up to 2 hours. If you wish to park longer, you can park just outside the parking zone for free all day. At the Gemeentehaven, there is a parking area where you can park to visit the tourist office or the recreational island Koudenhoorn.