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Have you always wanted to take a look inside your own body? Are you curious to know how the body is constructed or how it works? Discover this and more, at Corpus during a spectacular 55-minute ‘journey through the body’ in an interactive and unique experience. Travel through the human body and see, feel and hear in a remarkable way how the human body works. Corpus plays an educational, informative and preventative role in the area of healthy living and wellbeing.

Find out how the human brain works, what happens when you sneeze and the journey taken by a red blood cell in this extraordinary visitor experience. There are also guided tours, exhibitions, games and tests to teach and entertain you.

The average visiting time for Corpus is 2,5 to 3 hours. Advised age: 8 years, minimum age: 6 years. 

By the time you get back to Hotel Sassenheim-Leiden you will find that we also believe in Corpus’ motto: be active, eat sensibly and live healthy!

More information about Corpus. Corpus is only a short 10 minute drive from Hotel Sassenheim-Leiden.