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Hybrid events


Hybrid events can no longer be ignored, especially now that extra attention must be paid to the one-and-a-half meter standard due to the corona virus. A hybrid event - which has both online and 'live' participants - offers a good alternative (or addition) to physical events when some of the guests are abroad, or when it is not possible for everyone to be physically present .

The benefits of a hybrid event

- Security! The event can continue at any time. We may need to fine-tune the program a bit, but you don't have to tell the participants last minute that the meeting has to be canceled.

- Everything can be personalized. The invitation, the online streaming platform, the decoration on location: implementing your corporate identity down to the last detail ensures recognition and the #WoW-effect for your (potential) customers.

- Interaction. Say for yourself: you are more likely to raise your hand during a meeting with 30 people, than an event where you are sitting in a large room with 300 other participants. A hybrid event, where the groups physically present are smaller, will guarantee more interaction.

- Measurable: Receive all user statistics after your hybrid meeting. You know exactly who attended and for how long they attended certain sessions.

- A hybrid event is sustainable. Your guests do not have to travel (far).

Audiovisual technology for online meetings

In collaboration with both De Eventfabriek and ACS Audiovisual, we provide all necessary audiovisual technology for hybrid events full of interaction. In this way, the online participants are also actively involved in what is physically happening in the room or on stage, for example in response to speakers and / or interviews on stage.

It is also possible to set up a studio where there are no participants physically present outside the interviewer and the speaker, but where a live stream is set up at our location. We then provide all necessary camera equipment, microphones, lighting, technicians, so that the live stream runs smoothly.

There are currently many questions in the industry about how safety for visitors and organizers physically present can be guaranteed during hybrid conferences and events. ACS has various solutions for this:

  • Temperature screening, individually or several people at the same time
  • Crowd Counter / Smartcam (this system counts the number of people entering a room and indicates when the room is almost full and full)
  • Air purifier / B-air (cleans the air in the room by means of UVC light)
  • Disinfection case (material cleaning by means of UVC light)
  • Crowd microphone; prevent guests from having to touch a microphone during the Q&A, but solve this by using an app on your phone. With Crowd Microphone, each participant's personal mobile phone can be used for Q&A, send a message to the moderator and participate in the vote.

It is perfectly possible to organize meetings, both "live" and hybrid, provided the set rules and guidelines are followed.

Two locations for hybrid meetings

In collaboration with Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam - Amstel, we also offer the possibility to use two locations for your hybrid event. This way you can invite more participants and still meet the 1.5 meter standard! Feel free to ask our banquet sales team about the possibilities and a tailor-made proposal, we are happy to think along with you!