COVID-19 measures

COVID-19 Measures

We have taken the following measures to meet the standards of the 1.5 metre society:


  • When checking in, we register every guest by having them complete a contact registration form. This must be completed per person and you hereby consent to the sharing of the contact details, exclusively to and at the request of the GGD, for source and contact research. This data will be destroyed 14 days after date;
  • The hotel and the entrance of the hotel are provided with signage and instructions;
  • The hotel is divided into so-called 'disinfection zones'; at various places in the hotel are standing tables with COVID-19 zone instructions, disinfection measures and disinfectant hand gel. Signage has also been placed here in order to pass each other at a safe distance;
  • In locations where queues can arise (reception, coffee square, toilets) the required distance is marked with warning stickers and ribbons, so that a minimum distance of 1.5 meters is created between the waiting guests;
  • Employees have been instructed and continue to receive instructions on all hygiene measures;
  • Employees wear an orange button to alert guests to the 1.5-meter rule;
  • Extra measures have been taken regarding the cleaning of our general areas, such as the lifts, luggage carts, reception, vending machines, general doors (and handles) and toilets;


  • There is a maximum of 100 participants per meeting room (from June 26, 2021), we provide a set-up with a distance of 1.5 meters;
  • For lunch, we welcome groups in Nest's Live Cooking buffet restaurant;
  • There is an air treatment system in the room. This system ensures a continuous supply of fresh outside air, in accordance with the standards of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health;
  • Coffee, tea and soft drinks are freely available on the coffee square;
  • We serve our break items in the room;
  • Business guests can use our spacious roof terrace during breaks in meetings;
  • We offer the possibility of hybrid events if there are many participants who prefer to log in from home and / or if you need two locations due to the size of the event;


  • A maximum of 3 persons from one household are allowed per room. Otherwise, a maximum of 2 persons per room applies;
  • All our public areas are prepared for #socialdistancing and the 'one and a 5 ft. society';



We look forward to welcoming you (again) for a safe & secure stay. Want to know how? Watch this video (recorded in our hotel!) about the implemented COVID-19 measures at Van der Valk.