F1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix

In August, the F1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix will take place at the Zandvoort aan Zee circuit. Do you have tickets for Formula 1 and are you still looking for a hotel near Zandvoort? Take a look at our rooms and suites and enjoy a wonderful stay at Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim - Leiden!

Our hotel is located at approximately 30 kilometres from the circuit, but parking is not possible in Zandvoort during the Formula 1 Heineken Grand Prix. It is also recommended to take a longer travel time into account (approximately 45 minutes extra travel time). There are several ways to get from our hotel to Circuit Park Zandvoort, we list them for you:


You can reach Circuit Park Zandvoort by bike from our hotel in about 1.5 hours. In that case you don't have to reckon with any extra travelling time, except perhaps a slight delay when you enter Zandvoort. During the race weekend of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix, bikes can only be rented in advance through a special reservation site of our bike rental partner (subject to availability). Book your bike here and it will be ready for you at the hotel on the day(s) you booked it.

With over 100,000 visitors per day, the F1 Dutch Grand Prix expects tens of thousands of visitors who will come to the circuit by bike. Therefore, please book your free bicycle parking place (within walking distance of the circuit) here in advance.


From the hotel it's a 15 minutes walk to the train station in Sassenheim. You can take the train to Leiden Central Station (change trains twice, in Leiden and in Haarlem) or the train to Amsterdam Sloterdijk (change trains once in Amsterdam Sloterdijk). Click here to consult the Dutch NS journey planner.

Zandvoort's train station is within walking distance of the circuit (approx. 15 minutes) and a large number of extra trains are used during the Formula 1 weekend. Keep an eye on the NS website for the latest travel information and book your train ticket in advance.

During the F1 race weekend you can buy a special GP day return ticket at the NS for €19.00 p.p. with which you can travel from any train station in the Netherlands to Zandvoort aan Zee and back. There is also a Multiple Day Return Ticket, which you can use on two days. Click here to buy a train ticket.

Please note: it is not allowed to take your bike on the train during the race weekend.

Formula 1 Zandvoort with hotel accommodation?

Choose a wonderful overnight stay in our luxury 4-star hotel after your visit to the F1 Heineken Grand Prix Zandvoort! Click here to book a room