Tulip Experience Amsterdam

The magic of tulips

Step into a world full of color and floral splendor at Tulip Experience Amsterdam, located just a stone's throw away from our hotel. Lose yourself in our unique selfie/show garden, where more than 1 million tulips in as many as 700 different varieties shine. Create the perfect picture among the flowers or from our special photo points. With tulips straight from their own nursery, they guarantee a blooming spectacle, even when nature surprises us.

Educational journey through the history of the tulip

Discover the fascinating history of the tulip at the museum of Tulip Experience Amsterdam. Learn about the discovery of the tulip in Kazakhstan up to its current status as a Dutch icon. Explore the cycle of bulb cultivation using modern machines and historical objects.

Pick your own bunch of tulips

Experience the joy of picking your own tulips in the indoor picking garden. Included in the ticket price, you can go home with a colorful bouquet and a lasting memory of your visit.

In addition to the beautiful tulips, Tulip Experience Amsterdam offers much more, from a cinema and local market to various art exhibitions celebrating the beauty of the tulip and the Bollenstreek region.

Mission, passion, and family tradition

Tulip Experience Amsterdam is a family business with a passion for tulips that has been blooming for three generations. Led by Simon Pennings and supported by his family, their goal is to let you experience the magic of the tulip.

Don't miss this unforgettable spring experience! Book your tickets now for Tulip Experience Amsterdam and enjoy an enchanting day out.

Adres: Delfweg 37, 2211 VK Noordwijkerhout