Alpaca Experience

Discover the Alpaca Experience: a unique adventure for the whole family!

Looking for an enchanting adventure during your stay at our hotel? Discover the Alpaca Experience, a special destination where both young and old can enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Alpacas originate from South America, particularly from countries like Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. These gentle creatures made their way to Europe much later, with the first export occurring as late as 1983. The herd of alpacas at the Alpaca Experience are descendants of the animals collected by Bert and Rick de Mooij during their journey through South America in 2003.

Explore the unique qualities of alpacas

At the Alpaca Experience, it's not just about breeding these remarkable animals; it's also about sharing their unique qualities with others. Alpacas are known for their social and curious nature, and at the Alpaca Experience, they believe in giving guests the opportunity to connect with these beautiful beings. If you're curious to learn more about alpacas and the Alpacahoeve, don't hesitate to get in touch with them.

To ensure the alpacas receive the best possible care and thrive, the Alpacahoeve collaborates with renowned organizations such as the German AZVD (Alpaca Zucht Verband Deutschland) and the BAF (Benelux Alpaca Federation). Together, they ensure careful monitoring of the animals and their well-being.

Adventurous activities 

Families visiting the Alpacahoeve can enjoy a variety of fun activities. Take a leisurely walk with an alpaca, feed and photograph these lovely creatures, or experience the calming effects of Alpaca Yoga. For those seeking a challenge, Alpaca Golf offers a unique experience amidst the alpacas in the field. Prices for these activities are available on the Alpaca Experience website.

Plan your visit to the Alpacahoeve today and introduce your family to these fascinating animals and their beautiful world!

Address: Klinkenberg 15 in Sassenheim