The great stories of the Netherlands come to life in the world-famous miniature park Madurodam! Discover together with your family, loved ones, or friends the Dutch heroes and highlights through miniatures, indoor attractions, and activities!

Madurodam has been more than just a theme park since its opening on July 2, 1952. It truly showcases the living memories of the hero from World War II, George Maduro. In addition, Madurodam donates its proceeds to charities for children.

In Madurodam, besides the miniatures, there are also many activities to do. You can, for example, experience what it's like to become a soccer champion, there are two playgrounds for children, you can learn about the history of George Maduro, learn all about airplanes, and you can have yourself transformed into a 3D Madurodam figure!

Public transport

From Sassenheim Railway Station, you can reach Madurodam in approximately 45 minutes. From Sassenheim Railway Station, you can take a direct train to The Hague Central Railway Station. From there, you can transfer to the tram to Tram Stop Madurodam (north) in The Hague, which stops in front of the park.

Check the current train and tram schedules on the NS website.


From our hotel, you can reach Madurodam via the A44 motorway in just 20 minutes. You can park your car in the Madurodam parking lot itself. Because you can park next to the park, it is attractive to visit the world-famous miniature park during your stay at our hotel.

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