Pan forest

The Pan van Persijn, also known as the Pan Forest, is a walking and playing forest for young and old. The forest features duck ponds, playground equipment for small children, a deer park, a goat meadow, and beautiful lawns for relaxation. In addition, two hiking trails have been laid out: a short one of 1.5 kilometers and one of 3 kilometers. It is possible to buy a day pass at the machine or at the ticket office at the entrance of the Pan Forest.


Due to our ideal location near the highway, the A44, many attractions are quickly accessible. The Panbos is no exception. You can reach the charming walking and playing forest in just 15 minutes. You can park your car in the parking lot directly located at the Pan forest.

Public transport

It is possible to reach the Pan forest from Sassenheim train station, but it takes a little longer than by car. There are several options for public transport to reach the Panbos. For exact travel options and departure times, we recommend consulting the NS website.

Bicycle rental

Are you a true nature lover? Then, in addition to walking in the Pan forest, you can also go out with a bicycle. You can reach the forest in a cycling tour of 40 minutes.

Combine a visit to the forest or a cycling route in the area with a stay at our hotel! We offer various packages throughout the year.