Museum De Zwarte Tulp

Museum de Zwarte Tulp is the museum about the flower bulb culture and takes you into the varied story of the flower bulb culture: the centuries-old history, working on the land with its seasonal rhythm, scientific research, export and tourism promotion. The museum also shows how artists over the centuries have - and still are - inspired by bulbous plants to create work of exceptional beauty.

Workshops, lectures and events

Museum de Zwarte Tulp regularly organizes workshops, lectures and events. More information can be found in the agenda of Museum de Zwarte Tulp.

Guided tours

The museum offers guided tours for groups of up to 15 people. The tours are given in Dutch, French, English and German. You must book a tour in advance. A tour lasts approximately 50 minutes and costs 30 euros. You can make a reservation via 0252 417 900 or via info@museumdezwartetulp.nl

Public transport

Museum de Zwarte Tulp can be reached by bus from Sassenheim railway station. This bus station is only a 10-minute walk from our hotel. Within 25 minutes you can reach by bus, bus stop Centrum, Lisse. For the current departure times, we recommend that you plan your journey via the NS website.


Within 15 minutes you can reach Museum de Zwarte Tulp. You can easily park your car around the museum. Pay attention to your parking disc! The address of the museum is: Heereweg 219, 2161 BG Lisse.

Rent a bike

Museum de Zwarte Tulp is located in Lisse, the heart of the Flower Bulb region. How nice is it to get on a bike and enjoy the beautiful surroundings on the way to the museum! Both e-bikes and regular bicycles can be reserved at the reception of our hotel.

Read more about the current exhibitions and opening times of Museum De Zwarte Tulp.